Fix WMF and EMF issues


An EMF Visio graphic that's placed in Frame is scaled wrong, or, its text is incorrectly set.

A WMF graphic is incorrectly scaled when printed.


See Microsoft Knowledgebase article 893473. In summary, Microsoft has a special format called EMF+ that not all software supports.

WMF: A new maker.ini item

This text is from the readme for the 7.1p116 patch:

An additional entry WMFPrintOption has been introduced in maker.ini. By default, the value of this option is 1 (when, not specified in maker.ini file) and does not appear in maker.ini. User can set the value of the flag to 1, 2 or 3.

1: WMFs will be printed as is.

2: WMFs will be printed by converting first to EMF and then EMF is printed

3: WMF printing behavior will be same as in FM7.0. This option is applicable only while printing to printers/PDF and not to screen.