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Working with templates

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Work with Frame's new variables

Index different numbering styles

Extract embedded graphics

Mass convert fonts

Fix the "missing font" error

Change EPS backgrounds to transparent

Create "reversed" type

Open a damaged file

Add a header row to imported tables

Fix all table borders & shading

Fix the "inconsistent color" problem

Completely delete a character tag

Use variables in hypertext markers

Shift text vertically or horizontally

Diagnose PDF destination errors

Change a document's dictionary

Working with colors

Fix WMF and EMF issues

Cleaning house using MIF

Create a nonbreaking slash (/)

Linking to other files

Rounded rectangles look funny in PDF

Fix the file-not-found error during Open or Save

The famous Word-Frame conversion PDF (right-click)

Pagination issues

List of handy third-party Frame tools

Understanding anchors and floats

Other how-to...

Get rid of moiré patterns in screen shots

Where do fonts come from?

Embedding fonts (Windows)

Embedding fonts (Mac)

Embedding fonts in EPS for placing in docs

Impact of Distiller's embedding settings

Fix Type 1 fonts not appearing in menus

Issues of Mac vs. Windows Fonts

Fix the Windows Zapf Dingbats problem

Install Windows software in proper order

Circumvent Windows security in ATM

Why do documents reflow?

A logical approach to font organization

The case for simple numbering

What is a driver?

Issues of Mac - Windows conversion

Importing PDFs; impact of INI

My Frame Wish List and Bug List

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