Mass conversion of a font


A change in design calls for a global change of a font. Presently there are no font problems present.


Say for example you have a book that uses three fonts: Times for the body copy, Helvetica for the headings, and Helvetica Narrow for callouts. You've decided to replace Times with New Century Schoolbook.

  1. Turn off the "Remember Missing Font Names" preference, then exit Frame. Do not save the document.
  2. Edit the ini line "DefaultFamily=". In most cases it is Times New Roman, Times, Tms Rmn. Insert the font of choice at the front:

    DefaultFamily=NewCenturySchlbk, Times, Times New Roman, Tms Rmn

    You don't have to have anything after the New Century Schoolbook, but it doesn't hurt.
  3. Remove the changed font (Times, in this example) from your system either by turning it off in ATM or removing it from your Fonts folder -- this is up to you and your computer.
  4. Add and/or activate the new font (New Century Schoolbook), if it is not already.
  5. Open the file. Console should report that your original font (Times) is missing and the new font (New Century Schoolbook) was substituted.
  6. Save the file. The change is done.

If you want to specify a substitution for several fonts, you can edit the other parts of the ini file. For more information, see this page. Also, additional information, as well as a large set of Mac-Windows INI entries, in Adobe Knowledgebase article the aging but still valid Adobe Knowledge Base article Common Font Aliases for FrameMaker 5.x for Windows..