Installing Windows software in the proper order

General tips

Microsoft-brand software before other mainstream apps. One reason is that non-MS software tends to care whether or not certain MS apps are installed, but the converse does not tend to be true (that is, MS apps don't care as much about non-MS apps).

The other reason is that MS software is so invasive -- distributing shrapnel throughout your computer -- and tends to want to take control of the situation, thereby modifying or damaging things you've installed previously. If you do the MS software first, you let Bill do his thing, without having to worry about the impact on other software.

After you install each program, test it. If it works fine then add an other program and test both of them. You have then a problem you will find out early which is the culprit.


Adobe Software

  1. AdobePS printer drivers. Just install some bogus printer, if you need to. You can install the real printers later.

  2. GoLive (Illustrator and Photoshop install plug-ins if GoLive is detected). But install QuickTime before GoLive.

  3. Illustrator (older color profiles).

  4. Photoshop (has newer color profiles that can be overwritten by Illustrator).