Impact of Distiller's embedding settings (Windows) (under construction)

This page describes the impact of the various embedding settings in Acrobat Distiller. Note that my Acrobat Distiller has been modified to exclude residency of all fonts other than the Couriers. For more information, see "Embedding fonts (Windows)."

Presently, this page shows the outcome of some testing I did on Win9x and Win2K. It's purely information only, and I am not drawing conclusions. As this page grows (when I have time), I may add things like conclusions and recommendations.


Latest AdobePS joint driver (lastest means that on any given day you read this page, you can just about bet that this was tested using the latest driver as of that day). FrameMaker 7. Distiller 5, Acrobat Reader 5.

Win2K set to download TrueTypes as softfont; TrueTypes download set to Native TrueType. Both optimized for portability.


  1. Create a small FrameMaker file with a few TT fonts and a few T1.
  2. Print to file, via the Acrobat Distiller printer instance.
  3. Distill, using various combinations of embedding settings.


The following shows the results of the different embedding options in Distiller. Use the file name to determine the options I used. What "subset" means is that in Distiller's Settings > Job Options > Fonts tab, I set selected the "Subset all embedded fonts below" check box and used 100 (or 99, as indicated) in the percent field.