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I get an awful lot of requests for one-on-one help, which I do love to do. To answer this need, I've begun using PayPal. Through PayPal, you can pay for services using a credit card, or, if you think you'll be using them often (for auctions, for example) via direct bank draft.

My usual and customary rate is $100 per hour, in half-hour increments. If I don't fix it, or at least figure out what the problem is, there is no charge.

If you have files to send, please follow these guidelines:

About production documents

The most important thing to understand about remote support is that you may not get back a file that you can simply slip back into the production stream. There are several factors that influence this:

About PayPal

PayPal is a convenient way of handling the financial transactions of services, and other than the few cents they deduct for the service, it's free. If you're already a PayPal member, click the emblem on the left. If you're not, sign up with the banner on the right.

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