About TechKnowledge Corp.

Since 1988, TechKnowledge Corp., located in Roswell, Georgia, has been providing professional technical writing, editing, consulting, training, and production services for PC and Macintosh systems.s.

Individuals associated with TechKnowledge are noted for their qualities in select areas such as design, programming, multimedia, and prepress production techniques. Through a team of resources with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, TechKnowledge can provide a solution for your technical publication and training needs.

Services Offered

Technical Documentation: Hardware and software user guides, and operation and policy/procedure manuals, complete with indexes and cross-references.

FrameMaker: Training, templates, conversion from Word.

Courseware: Instructor-led or self-paced courses in print or in multimedia.

Consulting Services: Windows and Macintosh system installation, consulting, and training.

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How TechKnowledge Can Help

Creation of New Materials: Rolling out a new system? Need to document existing procedures? TKC can write the training and support materials you need. We are particularly well known for taking complex systems and procedures and describing them in understandable (yet accurate) terms.

Consider, too, this common situation: You have a document that needs to be written, and you, more than anyone, know what needs to be said. However, you find yourself spending (i.e., wasting) time working on the format when you'd like to concentrate on the words. A new writer isn't feasible because you can't afford to (again) waste time while he or she learns the subject matter and comes up to speed. The solution? You bang out the copy. We format and provide editing as needed. The turnaround time will be very, very fast.

Updating of Present Materials: This is popular because it's faster and more economical than writing from scratch. It's frequently used in situations where you have documents that need a bit of editing, and just don't reflect the professional image you'd like. TechKnowledge can provide the editing and update the layouts into a uniform look and feel that does justice to your products.

Electronic Distribution: Using the Internet or have a company intranet, we can assist you in developing electronic distribution techniques. For example, your branch offices can download a document on demand and print it locally, saving time and money over ordering preprinted materials from a central corporate warehouse. Additionally, electronic distribution ensures that only the latest version of a document is on hand.

Analysis and Training of Production Techniques: If you are producing your publications in house, chances are we can improve and speed up your work flow. We may suggest a some changes in software, or we may provide application performance training, showing you how to produce the same amount of output in only half the time while maintaining (and probably improving) quality.

Publishing Guides: Pub guides describe how documents are put together and the mechanics of writing. They boost customer perception (through accuracy and consistency between documents) and save money (no more wasting time asking questions on how to do something).