A custom font section for your maker.ini

At the bottom of this page is a customized font-swap INI I've developed. I suggest you print this page and compare it to the INI file.

As you read through the file, the first change is a weights change as per Adobe Support document (Adobe Knowledge article http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/112da.htm). It's not a font swap but I stuck it in here anyway. I did not delete the original, I just commented it out.

The [WindowsToFrameFontAliases] and [UnknownToKnownFontMap] sections are modified from the original. After that, you get into the serious change area.

With the exception of the discussion on Helvetica Narrow, which has been a real pain, comments on lines appear before the line they address.

First come PostScript to TrueType and vice versa sections. The Univers section is not always a 1:1 match because the TTs are not matched to the PSs quite as evenly (like Helvetica to Arial, for example), so use the ones you like best. Since there are more PS than TT, that's why the PS to TT section uses many-to-one relationship, while the TT to PS section uses one-to-one and thus, some have to be commented out.

One thing I never do is make a "fake" or "faux" font. For example, at customer sites I see a lot of things like Word documents with Haettenschweiler italic, which technically does not exist. Or they will take something that's has no bold variation (such as Arial Black) and bold it again. Since lots of my work is converting Word to Frame, I will force the issue -- and force the correct font -- by using entries such as

Impact, *, *, *=Haettenschweiler, Regular, Regular, Regular
Haettenschweiler, *, *, *=Impact, Regular, Regular, Regular

which takes any form of the left font and uses the repetitive "regulars" to force it to the only existing form on the right.

The Oddball and Multiple Master sections are just a few oddities I've encountered.

The Bitstream <> Adobe section was developed for a customer who had one group of staff with Bitstream and one with Adobe who needed to share files.

As always, if you encounter any errors, please let me know! Additions are welcome, too.

How to use

Click here to open in your browser; you can do a save as to plain text from there. If you download it (right-click), it downloads as a small text file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After download, the carriage returns/line feeds may disappear in Notepad. Open in Frame or Word first, save it as a plain text file, and THEN use Notepad!